About Gypsy Pineapple Studio

Direct Contact:
Please feel free to reach out via email anytime!
Liza Mackey:

Pickup location is within Coral Springs, Florida (Northwest Broward County). If you're a local, save on shipping and enter code: LOCALPICKUP at checkout. You will receive an email from info@gypsypineapple.com with a pickup time, day and location. 



Gypsy Pineapple is a small but mighty creative studio and online shop run by South Florida artist and designer Liza Mackey. 

As a native Floridian, her work is often inspired by the sunshine and the sea. Vibrant color palettes and free spirited strokes often take the lead within her projects. 

Liza has been a graphic designer and art director for over 10 years. After working in an advertising agency for 5 years, she transitioned to running her own freelance business from home once she became a mom.

Like most creatives, her artsy side projects needed a space to blossom in.
With a love for pineapples, all things tropical and a little bit of a gypsy soul, Gypsy Pineapple Studio was born. She started using her hands again by painting, designing ideas for home decor and also hand-blending her own mixes for wax melts and candles. Her illustrations are the basis for designs which become custom printed. Giving herself the freedom to create anything that brings her joy without limitations or overthinking has allowed the process
to come from a place of pure fun!

You can find Liza every Saturday morning teaching yoga at Youniversal Yoga in Coral Springs. She enjoys spending time with her husband and son, paddle boarding, traveling to the Florida Keys whenever possible and practicing her yoga flows to funky playlists. 

The Process + The Products

Wax Melts + Candles:
All wax melts and candles are measured, mixed, scented and poured by hand in small batches myself, using a luxury coconut wax blend and fragrance oils that are free of phthalates and toxic "Prop-65" listed ingredients. A lot of care goes into carefully choosing high quality vessels and packaging to keep the integrity of the wax and fragrance at the highest standard possible.

Artwork + Home Decor:
What starts as a sketch or painting becomes a digital scan, and then expands into prints, patterns and creative artisanal goods to share with the world. Each item is first designed by hand, then professionally printed on a "made-to-order basis. My trusted print partners use quality materials and sustainable and socially responsible processes. The methods of printing used tend to avoid textile waste and use less energy, while the inks are water-based and free of harmful chemicals. Nothing is produced in large amounts as each item is made one at a time, or in "small-batch" quantities.

Custom Work:
Not currently accepting requests for custom projects at this time.