Safety First!

There are some things that keep us candle makers up at night...

• ALWAYS remember to trim down your wicks between each and every burn. You want to trim off the top part of the wick that is black and get rid of any carbon balls on the top (we call those mushrooms). That buildup can become a hazard if not trimmed properly between each burn. *If you leave your candle lit for over 2 hours or so, please check on your flames and your wicks to see if they need trimming!

• NEVER burn more than 4 hours EVER. The longer you burn a candle, the hotter it gets. The heat buildup within the jar can cause unsafe flames if left to burn too long. Always extinguish your candle within 4 hours. 

• NEVER burn a candle below 1/2" of wax. When ANY candle's wax gets below 1/2" it could potentially become very hazardous! 

• NEVER leave a candle / candles unattended, near kids, pets, near wind / drafts or uneven surfaces. *ALWAYS use some kind of candle plate, holder, etc. underneath your candle to protect furniture.

• NEVER OVERFILL your wax warmer with melts....

• UNPLUG / extinguish wax warmers after 4 hours, do not leave unattended