Wax Melts: Choose Your Scent!


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1. Check out the Scent Menu first!
2. Pick your scent in the drop down menu.
3. Your wax will be poured "made to order".

Unique Benefits:

—No flame or fire, just add melts to a wax warmer

—Made using a luxury coconut wax blend

—Wax Melts contain a more potent and pure scent profile compared to candles

—The fragrances used in all products are phthalate-free and also not on the prop-65 toxin list. These scent oils are carefully selected and researched, and blended by hand to achieve the right scent profiles and percentages. It is amazing to make, sell and enjoy scented candles that actually do not contain headache-causing fillers.

—Melts are poured directly into trays and then inserted into boxes for packaging. Each melt easily pops out with a light push similar to ice cube trays (but smaller).

*On average, you'll want to use about 4 melts per usage depending on the size of your warmer.  Each Box contains 12 melts, which would provide about 3 separate usages. Each usage may last a week or more depending on how often you turn on your wax warmer. Wax Melts do not evaporate like candles, and need to be switched out as the scent fades.

• 3oz. Net Weight per box (12 Melts per Box)

*To pickup locally in Coral Springs, Fl. just use code: LOCAL at checkout and save on shipping.